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  • Task 5. It’s 7.30am. Suzanne Wells is in her kitchen at home.She is having

  • 8 стадий развития личности по Э. Эриксону. Письменная работа (8). Письменное задание (упражнения) Дисциплина Английский

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    НазваниеПисьменное задание (упражнения) Дисциплина Английский
    Анкор8 стадий развития личности по Э. Эриксону
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    Автономная некоммерческая образовательная организация высшего образования «Сибирский институт бизнеса и информационных технологий»

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    Омск 2021 г.

    Task 1.

    1. It was a cold January day in York, Pennsylvania. Dr. James turned on the television to check on the weather. The weatherman said that it was going to stay cold for several days. According to him, the roads was very dangerous because of the snow and ice and he strongly recommended staying at home if at all possible. Dr. James couldn’t stay at home. He worked in a hospital and there were patients waiting for him there. He put on a sweater, jacket, gloves, boots and a hat, and opened his front door. Everything was covered with snow. A cold wind blew inside. “Wow,” Dr. James said. “The weatherman was right! I wish I had a reindeer instead of my old car.” When Dr. James driving slowly to work, he saw an accident. He stopped and ran to the damaged car. There was a man and two children inside. “Is everyone okay?” Dr. James asked. “Yes, yes, we are fine,” answered the man. “I have called 911 already. They are coming to help us . It looks like we won’t get to school today.”

    2. Martin was in a hurry as he had to be in the office as soon as possible. His boss did not like it when anyone missed the morning meetings and Martin had already been late several times that week. His boss had warned him: “If you are late again, you will lose your job.” Martin was afraid of losing his job. His colleagues were nice to him, the salary was good and he sometimes went on business trips abroad. It was actually the best job he had ever had. He ran out of the house, jumped into his car and backed up without looking. BOOM! There was a sound like someone hitting a drum. Martin had hit the car behind him. “Oh, no!” Martin exclaimed. Martin glanced at his watch. It was 7:18. He looked around. There were no policeman on the street and he decided to drive off quickly. It took him 20 minutes to get to work. The boss was not around. “Thank goodness,” Martin said to himself and sat down at his desk to work. The boss arrived an hour later. “Somebody hit my car and left without leaving a note,” he said angrily. “I wish I knew who he was. My car was absolutely new! It was bought only a week ago.”

    Task 2.
    Countries export some products and export others because sometimes it is cheaper to buy than to produce. There is warm climate and much vegetation in Australia. This is very good for sheep- breeding, and Australia exports much high quality wool. Taiwan has many skilled technicians and so it produces radios, television sets and other electronic products for export. Canada’s climate is good for wheat, and Argentina is a low-cost producer of meat. Canada ships its wheat to Argentina and Argentina sells its meat to Canada. Both countries profit by these import-export transactions. Very few countries do not take part in international business.
    Страны экспортируют некоторые продукции(товары) и экспортируют другим, потому что иногда это дешевле-купить, чем производить. В Австралии теплый климат и много овощей. Это очень хорошо сказывается на овцеводстве, и Австралия экспортирует много высококачественной шерсти. Тайвань имеет высококвалифицированной техники а так же производит радио, телевизоры и другую электронику для экспорта. Климат Канады очень хорош для пшеницы, и Аргентина является бюджетным производителем для мяса. Канада перевозит свою пшеницу в Аргентину и Аргентина продает мясо Канаде. Обе страны профилируются своими импортно -экспротными сделками. Очень мало стран не принимают участия в международном бизнесе.

    Task 3.
    Письменно ответьте на вопросы к тексту (на английском языке):

    1. Why countries don’t produce some products sometimes but buy them?

    2. What does Australia export?

    3. What country is a low-cost producer of meat?

    4. Why does Taiwan produce electronic products?

    1.      Countries don’t produce some products but buy them because sometimes it is cheaper to buy than to produce. 

    2.      Australia exports  high quality wool.

    3.      Argentina  is a low-cost producer of meat.

    4.      Taiwan produces electronic products because it has many skilled technicians.
    Task 4.
    N. Hello, John. How are you?

    J. I am good, thanks. And how are you?

    N. I’m OK. Thank you. Nice weather, isn’t it?

    J. Yes it is. It’s very warm today, isn’t it?

    N. Yes, and it’s not so warm back home in Canada.

    J. By the way, I want you to meet Nigel Mc Can. He is the head of our sales department.

    Nig. Nice to meet you. Is this your first visit to Lincoln?

    N. Nice to meet you, too Yes, it is, and I enjoy it very much.

    J. OK, gentlemen, it’s a quarter past nine. Let’s get down to business. I think we may start with…

    Task 5.
    It’s 7.30am. Suzanne Wells is in her kitchen at home.

    She is having breakfast.

    She has breakfast at this time every morning.

    She leaves home at 8.30am every day and drives to work. Suzanne is a

    teacher.She teaches at a school in Canberra.

    It's 10.00 am now and Suzanne is at school.

    At the moment she is teaching her class of 8-year-old children.

    All the children in her class come from Canberra.

    Many of the children do not speak English at home.

    So Suzanne spends a lot of time teaching English.

    She is teaching English to the class now.

    Task 6.
    1. I write English exercises twice a week.

    2. My friend does his homework in the afternoon as a rule.

    3. My sister is doing her homework now.

    4. Don't shout! The baby is sleeping.

    5. The baby always sleeps after dinner.

    6. What are you reading now?

    7. What books do you read for your literature lessons?

    8. What does your mother usually cook for lunch?

    9. Is she cooking a cake now?

    10. Do you know that man over there?

    — Which man? The man in the brown jacket?

    No, I am talking about the man who is wearing the blue shirt.

    — Oh, that man!

    Do you know him?

    No, I don't think so.

    I don't know him either.

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