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Учебнометодическое пособие Нижний Новгород 2006 ббк 81. 2 Англ. Д20 м19

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НазваниеУчебнометодическое пособие Нижний Новгород 2006 ббк 81. 2 Англ. Д20 м19
АнкорEnglish for Designers.doc
Размер380.5 Kb.
Формат файлаdoc
Имя файлаEnglish for Designers.doc
ТипУчебно-методическое пособие
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Part 5

1. Read the text

Q. Some people are baffled about where to place color. If their favourite color is blue for example, they do not know if they should buy a blue sofa, paint the walls blue, or order blue carpeting. Can you comment on using our favourite colors and ways to incorporate them into home décor?

Tricia Foley: "I always recommend painting patches of color on the wall to try out living with them and looking at the true color at different times of the day...taping up big memo samples of fabric on walls or pinning to existing furniture and spending some time with these "tests" also helps even the professionals make up their minds! Putting together simple boards with all the swatches will give an overview if it's difficult to imagine it all together."

Q. What advice do you have for someone with a new house to decorate and perhaps a limited budget?

Tricia Foley: "Go with good classic design in terms of furniture. I always look for multi-purpose pieces that can be used for other rooms as living conditions change. Set the scene for your own personal style with neutral walls and floors. Then add simple window treatments and bed linens to transform a space with color."
to be baffledбыть озадаченным

to incorporateсоединять(ся), объединять(ся)

to tape upзд. привязывать

to pinприкалывать (булавкой)

make up ones mindпринять решение, решиться

swatch – образчик (ткани), образец, экземпляр

overviewобщее представление (о каком-л. предмете): (беглый) обзор

in terms ofпо отношению к
2. Find the English equivalents:

to be puzzled, to unite, pattern, cloth, to decide, to fancy, universal, to change
3. True or false?

1) Homeowners usually have some problems in using their favourite colour in home décor.

2) It is always very easy for a professional designer to imagine the whole décor of the room .

3) If you don’t know exactly what colours to choose, paint different patches of colour on the walls.

4) Tricia gives some advice how to decorate without excess expenses.

5) The furniture must be multi-functional.
4. Match the words with their synonyms or definitions. Then fill in the gaps with the necessary form of these words.

1) to incorporate a) a sample of cloth

2) to imagine b) a complete change

3) an overview c) to form a united whole or mass

4) a swatch d) to form a picture or idea in the mind

5) to add e) to join something to something

6) a transformation f) a general survey
1) I can … the scene clearly.

2) You may … some necessary accessories to the interior of this room.

3) I chose … of neutral colour which would be compatible with the décor of this interior.

4) We shall try … some of your ideas into our future plans.

5) All the elements of the décor give … of the designer’s conception.

6) You’ve painted the room blue all over; what … !

5. Translate the sentences:

1) Нам было очень сложно объединить эти яркие цвета в декоре данной комнаты.

2) Дизайнер представила несколько образцов ткани, которые она хотела использовать для драпировки.

3) Родители решили полностью изменить декор всей квартиры, хотя и были ограничены в средствах.

4) Декоратор попытался дать общий обзор своего дизайнерского проекта.
6. Describe any interior from the point of combination of colours. The following words and phrases may help you:

colour: light, bright; dark; glossy, shining; matt; warm / cold

nuance, shade: light, bright; dark; delicate, soft; pale, pastel

combination of colours / tones

colour contrast

to choose smth. by contrast with smth.

to choose smth. to match (the colour of) smth.

in the colour spectrum of …

in the same tone as …

to match smth.;

to go well with smth.

to be in harmony with

to harmonize with

to have in common with the colour of …

to emphasize, to produce an effect with the help of these colours


Part 1

1. Read the text

Carnival Spirit's interior design, celebrates world's great architectural styles. From art nouveau to postmodern to funky to Egyptian, the public rooms on the newest ship, the Carnival Spirit, celebrate a wide variety of architectural styles in their interior-design themes. As the Carnival Spirit represents a new class of "Fun Ship", its interior design reinvents the traditional central thematic idea by creating a mood of diversity through a synthesis of highly divergent décors.

"Although the central idea for this ship could be called 'noteworthy décor styles,' it's really a very abstract unifying theme," said Joe Farcus, interior architect for the "Fun Ship" fleet.

"There is a main decorative style used in each of the public rooms - Chinese in one, art deco in another, for example - however, the styles are not necessarily executed in a traditional manner, but rather are more interpretive," he added.

The Spirit Lobby and some public areas are decorated in the art deco style, which uses sleek, graceful lines and slender organic forms. The lobby houses two grand staircases, a bar with dance floor and the information and tour desks. Rich wood and antiqued copper are used extensively in the lobby, stairwells and elevator bays. Railings are a lacy cast copper, stained glass domes in the ceiling provide diffused lighting, and the walls and elevators combine wood, handmade etched plates, marble inlaid frames and embossed copper trimmings.
Art Nouveau стиль модерн (художественный и архитектурный стиль конца XIX - начала XX вв.)

funky – 1) вонючий; 2) грубо-материальный; приземленный; 3) броский, вызывающий; 4) стиль «фанки» (муз.)

lobbyвестибюль, холл, фойе


stairwell – лестничный колодец

bayстр. пролет

railingограда, перила

diffusedразбросанный, рассеянный

to etch – гравировать


embossed1) резной, тисненый, чеканный 2) рельефный; выпуклый 3) богато украшенный 4) напыщенный (о стиле)
2. Choose the most suitable title to the text:

1) The interior design of the Spirit Lobby.

2) The best design project of Joe Farcus, interior architect for the "Fun Ship" fleet.

3) The diversity of the interior design on the Carnival Spirit.

4) The up-to-date interior design of the public rooms on the Carnival Spirit.
3. Find the English equivalents in the text:

заново открывать (обновлять), представлять, объединяющая тема, выполненный в традиционной манере, вмещать (содержать), цветное стекло, обеспечивать
4. Find the synonyms to the following words:

to be famous for, a great diversity, a feeling of multiplicity, different, remarkable, shiny, refined, impressive, widely, embellishments
5. True or false?

1) Different styles are presented in the interior design on the ship.

2) The Carnival Spirit’s décors are not united by any theme.

3) All the décors on the ship are performed in established styles without any interpretation.

4) The entrance hall of the ship is designed in the style of 30-ties of the 20th century.

5) The décor of the vestibule is rather reserved and have no pretentious garniture.

6. Match the words to their synonyms:

1) to celebrate a) to contain, to have, to include

2) to represent b) to perform, to carry out

3) to reinvent c) to engrave, to carve, to cut

4) to execute d) to unite, to join

5) to house e) to have fun; to glorify

6) to provide f) to renew, to renovate, to reform

7) to etch g) to give, to supply

8) to combine h) to symbolize, to stand for, to characterize

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate form of these verbs:

1) The engraver … little crosses on the copper plate.

2) This marvelous picture … the joys of life.

3) The artist … his imaginative ideas in stone.

4) The architects and the designers … their efforts to create a wonderful interior design.

5) The house is entered through the atrium, where a skylight and glass doors … natural lighting.

6) We … her birthday by going out to a restaurant.
7. Match the definitions to the words:

1) lobby a) slim and graceful

2) sleek b) a rounded roof built on a circular base

3) slender c) glass that has been coloured for artistic purposes

4) graceful d) ornamental pattern, ornamental design

5) stained glass e) a room used as an entrance hall or vestibule

6) dome f) beautiful in movement, style or form

7) frame g) smooth, shiny, and glossy

8) trimmings h) an firm border into which something is fitted

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate form of these words:

1) St. Paul’s Cathedral in London is famous for its beautiful … .

2) The … of the hotel was designed in the Revival style.

3) The decorator used … to make pictures and patterns in windows.

4) The … of the jacket were made of gray leather.
8. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate form of the following words: traditional, noteworthy, to house, to reinvent, variety, graceful, to represent

1) This new building will … several departments.

2) There is nothing particular … in the ornamental patterns of this interior.

3) In the late 80-ties certain musicians and DJs began … the whole feel and style of jazz to fit contemporary street culture.

4) The popular … version of the poem tended to become modified.

5) The composition of the painting is very … .

6) This photograph … my childhood.

7) The Museum contains … of jewellery collections made of silver and gold, enchased with gems and pearls.
9. Match the parts of the sentences:

1) The interior design of the public rooms…

2) A wide variety of styles…

3) The design of the rooms on the ship …

4) Each of the rooms is performed…

5) The Lobby is decorated …
a) … in an interpretative manner.

b) … in the art deco style.

c) … is presented on the Carnival Spirit.

d) … celebrates great architectural styles.

e) … synthesizes divergent décors.

10. Translate the sentences:

1) Архитектор не следовал традиционному стилю в оформлении помещения.

2) Стиль арт деко использует утонченные линии и формы при оформлении.

3) Дизайн интерьера данного помещения представляет собой синтез разнообразного декора.

4) В оформлении вестибюля дизайнер использовал мозаичное стекло, гравировку, мрамор и рельефный орнамент.
11. Retell the part of text which concerns the design of the rooms on the ship, use the following phrases:

to celebrate great architectural styles

to represent a wide variety of architectural styles

interior-design themes

to reinvent the traditional central themes

to create a mood of diversity

a synthesis of divergent décors.

The central idea is noteworthy (remarkable) décor styles

a main decorative style

to be executed in a traditional (interpretive) manner
Part 2

1. Read the text

The Spirit has several rooms not found on other Carnival ships, perhaps most noteworthy among them the dining venue, the Nouveau Supper Club. It is located at the top of a soaring nine-deck-high atrium and housed under a red tinted glass dome. Art nouveau is characterized by dense, winding floral forms in a linear arrangement. It incorporates organic shapes – vines, leaves, flowers, branches – into abstracted architectural elements.

In the supper club, pillars are shaped like flower buds in a Tiffany-like design using antiqued copper for the stems and leaves. The floral pattern is carried out throughout the room in hand-painted wall murals, the stained glass balcony on the upper level and the bud-shaped bar stools. On one side of the room is a beverage bar, and on the other, a display cooking area with bar stools, so guests can watch the cooks at work. The circular, two-level room has a stage for entertainers, as well as a dance floor.

There is the Chippendale Library on board theCarnival Spirit. Named after Thomas Chippendale, the 15th-century English style of furniture is recognized by its graceful lines and rococo ornamentation. The room's main features are columns shaped like giant Chippendale table legs. The mural of an English garden overlooks a traditional secretary and bookcases mounted on desks, which hold computer terminals offering internet access for guests.
venueместо сбора, встречи


denseплотный, сжатый; густой, частый

windingизвилистый, витой

pillar столб, колонна; опора, стойка

bud почка, бутон

secretary – секретер; письменный стол
2. Find the English equivalents in the text:

стеклянный купол, в линейном порядке, цветочный рисунок, на всем протяжении, сцена для эстрадных артистов, на борту, огромный
3. Find the synonyms to the following words:

remarkable, to be situated, towering, to include, forms, fresco, round, exquisite, the chief characteristics
4. True or false?

1) The dining venue is situated only on the Carnival Spirit.

2) The Nouveau Supper Club is located on the upper deck.

3) The floral pattern can be found only on pillars.

4) The visitors can observe the work of the cooks.

5) The entertaining area is located in another place, not in the Nouveau Supper Club.

6) The designer of the library on the Carnival Spirit was Thomas Chippendale.

7) The columns in the library have the form of human’s legs.

8) The guests can surf the Internet in the library.
5. In what meaning are the underlined words used in the sentences? In what meaning are the words used in the text?

tocharacterize – 1) изображать, характеризовать, описывать; 2) отличать; служить отличительным признаком, определять, характеризовать

The artist has that excellent taste which characterizes his paintings.

You have characterized him as ambitious person.

The hero of the book is characterized as a person of very strong principles.

An interest in people’s deepest feelings characterizes all her writings.
tooverlook – 1) обозревать; 2) выходить на; 3) не заметить, просмотреть, пропустить; 4) не обращать внимания; смотреть сквозь пальцы, прощать

1) My windows overlook the street.

2) These little details are easily overlooked.

3) I went on deck and overlooked the boundless waters.

4) I won’t overlook your mistakes next time.
6. Answer the questions:

1) In what style is the Nouveau Supper Club designed?

2) What are the main features of Art Nouveau style?

3) In what style is the library decorated?

4) What are the distinguishing characteristics of this public room?
7. Translate the sentences:

1) Одно из самых примечательных помещений корабля выполнено в стиле модерн.

2) Отличительной чертой стиля модерн являются растительные узоры.

3) Комната украшена фресками, расписанными вручную.

4) Многие предметы мебели выполнены в форме цветочных бутонов.

5) Изящные линии и отделка в стиле рококо характеризуют декор библиотеки.
Part 3

1. Read the text

The three-level Pharaoh's Palace Lounge is decorated in Egyptian style. Sarcophagi designed after that of the golden King Tutankhamen are situated between the windows and stone walls which are decorated with hieroglyphics. Twenty-foot-tall stone figures flank the stage. A circular staircase and elevator provide access to all three levels of the lounge, which has a retractable orchestra pit, turntable stage and loft for scenery, lights and stage props.

The ornate Versailles Lounge is located one deck below the Egyptian Lounge, and, as its name implies, is richly done in the elegant, highly decorative manner that emerged in 18th-century France. The sloping floor provides excellent sight lines to the stage, which extends into the seating area for greater interaction between the entertainers and the audience. Since the room is on a lower deck, there are no windows. However, faux windows have been created using ornate frames around French skyline scenes of chateaux with starry skies lit by fiber optics. With a large dance floor, the room has been designed as a cross between a lounge and an intimate theater.

"Funky" best describes the décor of the two-level Dancing Club. A large dance floor is located on the lower level of the club, with a bar and overlook seating located on the upper level. The room also features a two-deck, 20-by-20-foot video wall of 48-inch monitors.
lounge – гостиная, холл, комната для отдыха

to flankбыть расположенным сбоку, располагаться по обе стороны

retractable – втягивающийся, втяжной

loftчердак; верхний этаж

propsбутафория, реквизит

faux windowsфр. фальшивые окна

chateauxфр. Замок

to featureхарактеризуется
2. Find the English equivalents in the text:

лифт, обеспечивать доступ, поворотная платформа, богато украшенный, палуба, подразумевать, появляться, пол с наклоном, простираться, взаимодействие
3. True or false?

1) There are real sarcophagi decorated with hieroglyphics in the Lounge.

2) On either side of the stage there are stone sculptures.

3) The Pharaoh's Palace Lounge is situated above the Versailles Lounge.

4) The decorative style of the Versailles Lounge is rather restrained.

5) Both these lounges have an area for entertainment.

6) The Dancing Club is decorated in the same style as the Versailles Lounge.

7) There are seats for guests on the dancing floor of the Dancing Club.
4. Match the synonyms to the words:

1) access a) amusement, leisure

2) circular b) graceful

3) lounge c) rounded, spherical

4) elegant d) cooperation, communication

5) entertainment e) admission, right of entry

6) decorative f) public

7) excellent g) sitting-room

8) interaction h) first-rate, brilliant

9) audience i) ornamental
Fill in the gaps with some of these words:

1) The … applauded loudly at the end of the concert.

2) The managers of this hotel provide … to the guests.

3) The only means of … to this building is along a muddy track.

4) That was a really … idea to buy this … piece of furniture!

5) The designer decorated the … in the art deco style.
5. Answer the questions:

1) What public rooms for entertainment are there on board the ship?

2) In what style is the Pharaoh's Palace Lounge performed?

3) What style did designers use in décor of the Versailles Lounge?

4) What style of interior decoration is applied in the Dancing Club?

5) What are the distinguishing features of each lounge? What elements of decoration are used there?

6) What entertaining activities are held in each Lounge and in the Dancing Club?
6. Translate the sentences:

1) Дизайнер использовал египетский стиль при оформлении гостиной.

2) Огромные каменные скульптуры расположены по бокам сцены.

3) Стиль Франции 18-ого века характеризуется богатым и утонченным декором.

4) Двухуровневый танцевальный клуб выполнен в стиле «фанки».

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