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Учебнометодическое пособие Нижний Новгород 2006 ббк 81. 2 Англ. Д20 м19

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НазваниеУчебнометодическое пособие Нижний Новгород 2006 ббк 81. 2 Англ. Д20 м19
АнкорEnglish for Designers.doc
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Формат файлаdoc
Имя файлаEnglish for Designers.doc
ТипУчебно-методическое пособие
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Part 1

1. Read the text

Tricia Foley, author, editor, and product designer loves natural colors and vintage linens. She employs a simple decorating style that is both practical and personal. Showcased in the book, Designer In Residence, her house is a study of simplicity and restraint. It was constructed from stock lumber and easily available parts. The room welcomes guests all summer long with an interior in white, beige, tan, and other natural colors and accessories. She notes; "A classic neutral color scheme creates a soothing background for the life you lead in your home, surrounded by the things that have meaning to you." If you love the idea of simple vintage decor, you will want to hear what else Tricia has to say about decorating...

Q. What are some of the common decorating mistakes made by homeowners? What is your advice on how to avoid or correct those mistakes?

Tricia Foley: "I think that many people try to copy what's trendy rather than trusting their own personal style in decorating a home and then the look doesn't last. If you're really not sure about making decorating decisions, keep a file of pictures of favorite rooms culled from books and magazines to help narrow it down.

"In terms of color for walls, I always do a test patch and live with it to see how the color responds to the light and with the existing furnishings. It's also important to put it all together and make sure that your color palette is compatible and that you're not acquiring furniture and accessories in bits and pieces that don't work together."

Q. What would be your recommendation for "what to do first" in a decorating project?

Tricia Foley: "It makes sense to follow the architectural style of the space. Determine the function of the room and really think about how you will use it. Then furnish it appropriately for those uses. Finally, layer of your own personal style – not someone else's. Aim for personal comfort as well as visual appeal level."
vintage1) старинный, классический; 2) устаревший, старомодный; 3) стиль винтаж

lumberненужные громоздкие вещи, брошенная мебель и т. п.; хлам

to lead a lifeвести, проводить жизнь

homeownerвладелец дома, домохозяин

to trust - доверять

patchклочок, лоскут, обрывок; обрывок, отрывок, обломок

to cullотбирать

to respondотвечать, реагировать; соответствовать
2. Find the English equivalents in the text

полотна, простота, сдержанность, легкодоступный, желто-коричневый, аксессуары, мягкий фон, вид, совместимый (сочетаемый), пространство, соответствующе, определить назначение, обставлять мебелью, уровень визуальной привлекательности
3. Find the synonyms to the following words:

old-fashioned, useful, individual, was built, to greet (to salute), recommendation, to imitate, stylish, room, convenience
4. True or false?

1) Tricia Foley, author, editor and designer, is very fond of vintage décor.

2) Tricia thinks that nowadays it is widespread that homeowners imitate someone else’s style.

3) Tricia usually hangs wallpaper in the room without doing a test patch.

4) It is very important for the interior design that furniture and accessories go well together.

5) You can get personal comfort even if the space of the room is not appropriately used.
5. Fill in the gaps with the following words: compatible, accessories, background, visual, space, comfort, to construct, palette, to furnish, furniture.Then make up your own sentences with the words.

1) She was wearing a pastel green costume with white … .

2) The building company … this magnificent bridge.

3) He paints from a … consisting almost exclusively of grey and mud brown.

4) One can live in … in such alluring interior.

5) It cost a fortune for us … our new flat.

6) The … arts are painting, dancing etc., as opposed to music and literature.

7) This design project is not … with others because of its new approach.

8) That old French table is a very valuable piece of … .

9) We’ll have to clear some … to make room for the new sofa.

10) This young man is a very … interior decorator.

11) The mountains and the dale form the … in this picture.
6. Match the words to their definitions:

1) background a) a flat board used by artists to mix paints

2) accessories b) cosy, convenient,

3) palette c) the scenery or space behind the objects in a picture

4) space d) the large movable articles, such as chairs and tables, that equip a room or house

5) comfortable e) area, room

6) furniture f) ) a supplementary part or object

7. Translate into English:

1) Она предпочитает естественные цвета при оформлении интерьеров.

2) Этот дизайнер любит использовать простой стиль, так как он помогает создать мягкий основной фон для декора.

3) Обычно владельцы домов копируют то, что модно, а не используют свой индивидуальный стиль при оформлении интерьера.

4) Очень важно, чтобы цветовая палитра соответствовала меблировке и аксессуарам интерьера.
8. Give your own design recommendations using the following phrases from the text:

to employ a …decorating style

to welcome the guests with an interior in … colours

to create a … background for the life you lead

to surround oneself with the things that have meaning

not to copy someone else’s style in design

to trust one’s own taste (style)

to make decorating decisions

to collect pictures of favourite rooms from books and magazines

to do a test patch on the wall

to respond to the light and with the furnishings

to be compatible with

to follow the architectural style of the space

to furnish appropriately for uses

Part 2

1. Read the text

Q. What tips do you have on themes, fabric and color choices, window treatments, furniture, etc. when decorating a long lasting room for a young child?

Tricia Foley: "First I would consider the existing style of the home. When working with a traditional home, I would tend to use a softer color palette that works with the rest of the house or apartment. If the family has a more modern sensibility, a clean bright color palette would be more in keeping with their aesthetic. There are so many wonderful choices available from mail order catalogs these days. You'll find furnishings that are affordable and have classic styling that can be used in children's rooms or family rooms."

Q. What trends do you see in room décor for kids in colors, themes, furnishings, etc.?

Tricia Foley: "I see children's rooms as part of the home, not so much a separate world. I would design the space so that it visually belongs to the rest of the family spaces. It should also be a comfort zone for children and a place for them to express themselves with their own things — there are lots of great storage units, armoires, bins, etc. that are perfect for kids rooms."
mail order catalog – каталог для заказов по почте

affordable – возможный; допустимый; по средствам

storage units – хранящиеся вещи

armoiresзд. арсенал (вещей)
2. Find the English equivalents in the text:

оформление окон, иметь склонность к, восприимчивость, классический дизайн, отдельный мир, спроектировать пространство, выражать себя
3. Choose two synonyms for the words:

1) fabric a) advice f) material

2) tip b) cloth g) contemporary

3) modern c) cosy h) detached

4) separate d) convenient i) hint

5) comfort e) up-to-date j) isolated
4. Make up sentences with the following phrases:

trend – (курс, направление; общее направление, тенденция)

to create, start a trend — задавать направление

general trend — общее направление

growing trend — развивающаяся тенденция

recent, new trend — недавняя, новая тенденция
5. Fill in the gaps with the following phrases: fabric and color choice, comfort zones, classic styling, to use a softer color palette, to design the space.

1) The interior decorator tried … so that there would be … for work and recreation.

2) All the elements of the ornament in the window treatment were of … .

3) This designer tends … while decorating bedrooms.

4) The leading decorator of the firm can give you a tip on … in any design project.

6. Translate into English:

1) При оформлении комнаты для ребенка необходимо использовать определенные цвета, ткани, мебель.

2) Обычно естественная цветовая палитра хорошо сочетается с любым декором интерьера.

3) Очень важно спроектировать пространство детской комнаты должным образом.
7. Describe the design of a room for a child. Use the following phrases:

to use a softer color palette a comfort zone

to design the space zones for studying and recreation

to use a clean bright color palette trends in room décor

to work with the rest of the room classic styling
Part 3

1. Read the text

Q. Many people like the idea of updating their interiors for the seasons. What techniques do you use to transition your home from winter into spring/summer?

Tricia Foley: "I have a simple shades of white interior in my little country house that is a great backdrop for the changing seasons. In spring a bucket of bright yellow forsythia is usually blooming. Summer brings piles of shells and stones from walks on the beach. I also love to have jugs of roses from my garden all over the house. I roll up the rugs and put away the flannel sheets and comforters. Fall brings out wool throws draped over chairs, a fire in the fireplace, and bittersweet branches to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. The holiday season is always a white Christmas for me. Amaryllis and paperwhites are potted with moss. Then I use greens and simple white lights on the tree."

Q. What decorating techniques/ideas/projects would you recommend to a homeowner who wants to rev up the look of a bedroom or living room for spring, without spending a fortune?

Tricia Foley: "I find that all my friends are simplifying and just having the things they love around them. I find that clutter is so distracting and high maintenance. When you have a simple backdrop, it is easy to change a look with sheets, flowers, or arranging a collection in a new way. Sometimes, you don't even appreciate what you have, when you have too much around!"
shellраковина, ракушка

comforterамер. стеганое ватное одеяло

fallамер. осень

bring out – вытаскивать

to potсажать в горшок


to rev upзд. оживлять

clutterсуматоха, неразбериха
2. True or false?

1) Homeowners usually change the interiors of their homes during winter.

2) Tricia prefers white colours in decorating her country house.

3) Tricia tells about decorating of the house during all the seasons of the year.

4) Tricia decorates her house with white colours only in winter.

5) In Tricia’s opinion a simple design background of your home is a perfect base for any stylish change of the interior.
3. Find the English equivalents in the text:

обновление, переход, оттенки, сворачивать ковры, шерстяные покрывала, без особенных денежных трат, упрощать, отвлекающий, поменять вид, ценить
4. Match the words to the definitions, then fill in the gaps with these words in an appropriate form:

1) to update a) to cover or decorate with folds of cloth

2) technique b) to put into a correct, pleasing order

3) shade c) in the open air

4) to drape d) a slight darkness; a degree of variety of colour

5) to spend a fortune e) a method of doing something

6) to arrange f) to make more modern

7) outdoors g) to waste money
1) He seems … on decorating his flat.

2) They tried … the look of the room before Christmas holidays.

3) The walls in this room … in the finest silk.

4) This artist uses light and … to good effect.

5) They want … furniture in an appropriate way so that there will be a lot of space.

6) If you want to learn to paint, I suggest you study Raphael’s … .

7) She hates spending weekend … , that’s why she goes camping every chance she gets.

8) It was painted in various … of blue.
5. Translate into English:

1) Многие люди любят обновлять интерьер помещений для каждого времени года.

2) Дизайнер использует специальные техники для сезонного декора интерьера.

3) Если интерьер имеет основной простой фон, то мы можем легко изменить внешний вид интерьера при помощи различных декоративных дополнений (аксессуаров).
6. Work in pairs and discuss season decorating of the interior. Use the following phrases:

to update the interior

to use decorating techniques / ideas

season décor

winter (spring …etc.) decoration of the house

different shades of …

to rev up the look

to change a look with …

to arrange in a new way

  1. Project. Work in groups and draw up a design project of decorating the room for a season (winter, spring, summer and autumn), represent your design solutions.

Part 4

1. Read the text

Q. Most of us are always eager to know what are the "latest" color, design, and furnishings trend. Can you comment on what you see in trends and how homeowners might create interiors that are up-to-date but classic?

Tricia Foley: "Again, it's never made sense to me to create a Southwestern style home or a farmhouse look in a high rise apartment building in a city. My main objective is to design a space appropriately so it makes sense. Then everything seems to fall into place visually. A classic neutral color scheme creates a soothing backdrop for the life you lead in your home. Surround yourself with the things that have meaning to you. Although I've seen beautiful red living rooms and soft pink bedrooms that I've loved, I don't think I would want to live in them every day. A bunch of red tulips or bouquet of pale pink peonies in a neutral room does the trick for me!"

Q. Bookshelves are a wonderful place to display everything from collectibles and photographs to books and boxes. However, many homeowners find accessorizing a bookcase somewhat intimidating. Do you have any tips or advice for someone who would like to avoid the straight rows of books?

Tricia Foley: "I don't find anything wrong with rows of books in bookcases. If there are family photos or collections that need a place, I find that keeping them organized in groups makes more of a statement, instead of being scattered around on shelves."
to be eagerстрастно желать

fall into place – становиться ясным, понятным; встать на свое место

intimidatingустрашающий, пугающий

to scatterразбрасывать, раскидывать
2. Find the English equivalents in the text:

обстановка, современный, соответствующе, зрительно, окружить, вводить в заблуждение, снабжение аксессуарами, прямые ряды
3. Find the synonyms to the following words:

multi-storied, my chief aim, calming, to have significance, to demonstrate, collections, in place of
4. True or false?

1) Usually people have a lot of interest in the most stylish trends in interior design.

2) Tricia thinks that there is no sense in creating a country style décor in a flat situated in a multi-storied house in a city.

3) In the designer’s opinion, it is necessary to narrow the space of a room.

4) Tricia prefers to use a softer colour palette in interior design.

5) In her interior design, Tricia tries to avoid straight rows of books on the bookshelves.
5. Answer the questions to the text:

1) Are you interested in the "latest" color, design, and furnishings trend?

2) Is it difficult to design a space in an appropriate way? Why?

3) How can we create a soothing backdrop?

4) What do you usually place on the bookshelves at home?
6. Match the words to their definitions, then fill the gaps with the appropriate form of these words. Some of these words can be used twice and some of them are not used at all:

visually, homeowner, shelf, latest, apartment, trend, objective, to comment

a) … is a general tendency or direction, fashionable style.

b) … means “to remark or express an opinion”.

c) …means “most recent, modern, or new”.

d) … means “in appearance”.

e) … is a person who owns the home in which he or she lives.

f) … is any room in a building.

g) … is an aim or purpose.

h) … is a board fixed horizontally against a wall for holding things.
1) He is quick to realize any new …in fashion.

2) This décor in Pop Art style is the … fashion in interior design.

3) The chair is very pleasing …, but it is rather uncomfortable.

4) It was a huge … with all modern conveniences.

5) This painter is considered a creator of a new … in art.

6) The designer’s main … is to decorate the room in the trendiest way.
7. Translate into English:

1) Владельцы домов используют самые последние направления в дизайне интерьера.

2) Если правильно спроектировать пространство интерьера, то все встанет на свои места.

3) Если вы хотите иметь вокруг себя приятную, мягкую атмосферу, вы должны окружить себя вещами, которые имеют для вас значение.

4) Вы можете поставить на полки различные коллекции, фотографии, книги.
8. Compare up-to-date and classic styles in interior design.

The classic interior is usually … I think…

As a rule, up-to- date interiors tend to be … In my opinion…

The latest trends in design are the following: … If I’m not mistaken

to combine modern and classic style in As far as I know…

interior design I suppose…
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